Best Nightclubs In Medellin

by Robert
(Los Angeles)

Looking for a great nightclub to meet Medellin women? Colombia’s second largest city is not only recognized as one of the most innovative cities in the world - for advances in politics, education, and social development - Medellin is also known to have the sexiest women and most vibrant nightlife in the country.

Here is a short 2014 guide to Medellin nightlife.

Parque Lleras: Located in El Poblado (a well-known, upscale district for clubbing), at Parque Lleras you will find an abundance of young and beautiful Medellin girls. This is the place to be seen for the Medellin’s upper class and as such, draws some of the city’s sexiest women.

Prizma: This club has set up shop on a street side, so unless you are looking for it, you would probably never know it was there. It's huge, it's popular, and it's packed with people who love to party. Because Prizma is located on a side street, you will be less likely to find familiar backpackers lounging inside, and more local Medellin revelers. And you may want to get there early. This ultra popular club holds up to 700 people, but it fills up super fast.

Are you more of a Salsa lover?
Medellin is a well-known spot for some of the hottest Salsa nightclubs in the world. Most of them are only open on certain nights of the week, so you will want to be sure and check each schedule before making any plans.

El Eslabon Prendido: This club is located right downtown, just half a block from other popular clubs and restaurants such as Parque Periodista. This is the place to be if you are a salsa lover. Tuesday nights, they feature live bands, drawing an amazing assortment of action which you've been looking for all night. Colombians and foreigners come together to fill the dance floor all night long.

La Rumbanetela: If you are searching for something a little more casual, stop by La Rumbantela. This bar is much smaller than El Eslabon, and offers a fun, casual vibe. Meeting new people is often easier in smaller place, as it can take the games and awkwardness out of the night.

Are you ready to rock out with your favorite rock bands?

Eco Bar: Located in the Sea of Sin, locally known as Parque Lleras, is an amazing bohemian bar called Eco. This bar welcomes all types. Whether you are a sexy Medellin woman looking for a good time, or from somewhere far away and looking to mingle all night long, this bar will leave you asking yourself if you ever want to leave!

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