How To Pick Up Colombian Women

by Robert
(Los Angeles)

So you are visiting Colombia and want to meet beautiful women. Well you are in luck, as Colombia is a paradise of exotic women. The women are of mixed decent, so there are all types of women for any preference - blondes, red heads, dark haired, dark skin, light skin and everything in between. Nevertheless, they are all feminine and care tremendously for their looks. Depending on your preference of Columbian girls, from the darker skinned women in the north (Barranquilla and Cartagena) to the blondes and lighter skinned women of Medellin, there is a tropical myriad of glamorous women who await your discovery.

Picking up and meeting Colombian women

Picking up women is not as difficult as you might think. The most productive and impressive way to pick her up is to man up and cast off your doubts. Colombian women make it openly obvious if they find you good looking. In order to grab your attention, they will lock their eyes with you just long enough to make you feel you are being noticed. This is just a cue for you to approach them. You in turn need to emanate confidence and approach them with a smile. Once you have opened the conversation and it is going well and you feel their sense of warmth and kindness, you might ask them out for a date.

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