Latin Romance Tours

Latin romance tours are a great way for single guys to meet scores of beautiful women in a short amount of time. Even seasoned travelers of Latin America frequent these events on multiple occasions, giving testament to a romance tours benefit over simple do-it-yourself travel. At present there is a diverse choice of countries to attend Latin America romance tours, including Central America (Honduras and Costa Rica), the Caribbean (Dominican Republic), and South America (Colombia and Peru).

Perhaps the most widely known singles tour operator is A Foreign Affair, who operates tours to Costa Rica, Peru, Cartagena Colombia, Medellin Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. Another reputable Latin dating tour operator is International Introductions, who is headquartered in Barranquilla, Colombia. Finally a small, but specialized dating tour called Bride Villa, offers individual Latin dating tours to La Ceiba, Honduras.

Are Latin America Romance Tours Worth It?

Latin romance tours offer two distinct advantages over do-it-yourself dating. First and most obvious is the safety and comfort factor. If you have little knowledge of Spanish language and little experience traveling in a foreign country, then the peace of mind that goes with a well-organized tour is invaluable. Latin singles tours offer you a personal translator/assistant, airport pickup and return with an English-speaking escort, plus prearranged accommodations, meals and social events with Latina women of your choice.

The next advantage is the convenience factor. This is the reason why Latin dating tours are so popular with both seasoned and unseasoned travelers alike. The truth is, it takes all the work out of your trip and leaves you to simply reap the rewards. You don’t have to go looking for the women. The Latina girls are already preselected, eager and willing to date foreign men. You just have to show up at the social events, have a few drinks, relax, and have fun with the girls. And let your personal interpreter/assistant screen the girls for their real intentions. They have plenty of experience weeding out the gold-diggers from the Latin ladies with genuine intentions.

Do-It-Yourself Latin Romance Tours

If you do decide to go it alone, then take a little time and do your homework before your trip. The internet is full of wonderful blogs and travel sites, even for places off the beaten path. One invaluable resource for a do-it-yourself Latin America romance tour is Airbnb. Not only will you save money over booking a hotel room, but it will up your success rate with the girls as well. Simply put, women are often hesitant to return with you to a hotel, since a hotel implies moving too quickly to the bed. When you give a Latin lady the option of a drink or movie at a private residence, she is much more willing to accept your invitation.

Best Latin America Dating Destinations


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