Single Estonian Women

Estonian women are of two distinct backgrounds. First are the Estonian Russian girls. They speak Russian, dress Russian (more feminine/sexy) and behave like most women of the former Soviet Union. Second are native Estonian girls. These girls are related to their Finnish cousins to the north, and thus speak a Finnic language (known as Estonian), as well as fluent English (just like the Finns). Contrary to common belief, Estonian girls are culturally and linguistically unrelated to their Baltic neighbors in Latvia and Lithuania.

Both the Russian Estonian women and ethnic Estonian women are very friendly and not in the least stuck up like some western girls. They are very liberal when dating, but still long for a good husband, a family and raising children. An Estonian lady, in essence, is the perfect mixture of liberal and traditional woman.

Estonian women are popular with foreign men for a number of reasons. First, girls in Estonia possess supermodel beauty. This is apparent the first time you visit one of Tallinn’s vibrant nightclubs. Second is the favorable ratio of Estonian girls to guys. Neighboring Scandinavian countries, for instance, have a girl-to-guy ratio closer to one. In Estonia, do to higher male mortality rates; there are upwards of 20-30% more females than males. This phenomenon creates a high demand for men, and a very competitive environment amongst Estonian ladies.

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