Stunning Slovenian Girls

Slovenian girls are amongst the most “westernized” females of Southeast Europe. Thanks to Slovenia’s proximity to Italy (western border) and Austria (northern border), Slovenian women have adopted many of the good (and bad) characteristics of western culture. One of the good traits is the widespread use of English and German, particularly with ladies up to their mid to late thirties. This facilitates relatively easy conversation with Slovenian women. The trick, however, is getting your foot in the door. Slovenian girls, like their neighbors in the west, can also be a little more difficult to approach than typical East European girls. And while a bit of a hurdle, it shouldn’t be a deterrent. Slovenian girls will be quite receptive to men who are:

  • Masculine – Slovenian women love manly men, those who exude confidence and the ability to be a good provider.

  • Well-dressed – Slovenian girls dress in fashionable clothes, wear cosmetics and dress up for most occasions. In turn, they expect a man to show the same pride in their own personal image.

  • Educated & Worldly – Slovenia is a productive country with skilled, multilingual, educated people. Slovene ladies, therefore, enjoy intelligent conversation with men who are educated, traveled and have extensive knowledge about a range of topics.

  • Respectful – Slovenia has a long and proud history. Respect her culture, traditions and national pride. And don’t go touting your opinions about regional politics.

  • Family Oriented – Slovenian girls are highly educated and have the same career opportunities as men, but they are still attracted to traditional values. Thus, a man who exemplifies strong family ties, is more often than not, quite desirable.

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