Top 5 Ho Chi Minh City Nightclubs

by Donald
(Perth, Australia)

Ho Chi Minh City is definitely the place that you should check out if you want to meet Vietnamese women, particularly because there are many great nightclubs where you can have tons of fun. If Ho Chi Minh City nightlife intrigues you and you want to date beautiful singles, check out the following nightclubs, where you will definitely meet Vietnamese women of your dreams.

Acoustic Café
If concerts and loud music are on your list, then Acoustic Café is definitely the best nightclub for you. There are tons of singles you can choose from, all of them being eager to dance and have fun. Moreover, there are always great musicians that perform regularly at Acoustic Café, and you will have the excellent opportunity to date the most beautiful women in the area.

Apocalypse Now
There is not any other nightclub in Ho Chi Minh City where you can have so much fun as Apocalypse Now. There are sexy dancing girls that will entertain you all night long, and plenty of singles will be waiting to dance with you. Sobriety is highly discouraged here, the music is loud, and people of any social class gather here in order to enjoy the friendliness and extraordinary atmosphere.

Beer Street
Known for its excellent atmosphere and plenty of clients, Beer Street is a popular nightclub where you can meet many beautiful Vietnamese girls. No matter what type of girl you are looking for, Beer Street offers a wide variety of Vietnamese females with whom you can dance, chat or whatever else you have in mind.

Blanchy’s Tash Bar
Blanchy’s Tash Bar embraces French history and invites you to meet the singles of your dreams inside of its modern walls and attire. A rooftop allows you to find relief from the oppressive cigarette smoke (unless you are a smoker yourself), plus you will be able to enjoy a more romantic atmosphere.

Cargo Bar
As one of the best Ho Chi Minh City nightclubs, Cargo Bar offers the best drinks in the area, with many nice Vietnamese women willing to have fun, dance and make some noise. If you want to have an out-of-this-world experience while in Ho Chi Min City, then Cargo Bar is the place to check out.

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