Top 5 Odessa Nightclubs

by Steven
(London, England)

Are you among the scores of men who dream of meeting a beautiful Ukrainian woman? Then Odessa is the best place for you to meet Ukrainian women, thanks to the scores of nightclubs that have graced Ukraine’s third largest city. Here are some of the Odessa nightclubs where you can meet incredibly gorgeous Ukrainian women.

1. Club YO
This Odessa nightclub is arguably the most popular nightclub in Odessa. The winter club attracts scores of locals and tourists alike. It prides itself of having modern interiors, top-notch security, famous DJs and singers. Most importantly, there are so many pretty Odessa girls who are ready to talk to you as long as you buy them a drink. The club is situated in the city center and it is open from Friday to Sunday starting from 9 pm to 6 am.

2. Vechernaya Odessa
This nightclub is totally different from other Odessa nightclubs and you are bound to attest this once you enter the club. It boasts of cozy halls that are hidden from the city’s noise. The club’s interior is subdivided into many parts for you to choose the part that pleases you. The club boasts of having cozy soft sofas that are designed for purposes of creating a unique comfortable atmosphere.

3. Bernadazzi
This nightclub is situated in the city center at the crossing of Bunia and Pushkinskaya Street. The nightclub has a unique architecture. It also has a spectacular interior that is decorated with pictures. If you are a music enthusiast, this is the perfect nightclub for you owing to the fact that there are live music performances every Friday evening. There are also plenty of theme parties every Saturday. All the parties that are held in this club are synonymous with entertaining shows, live music and theme cocktails and offers. There are numerous gorgeous Odessa women to dance with till dawn.

4. Club Ibiza
This nightclub is designed as an elegant ant hill with spectacular white walls, pink doors, blue slabs, hanging bridges and a small aquarium pool. The interior is spacious and full of comfortable seats. There is a flat-screen TV that is mounted on every wall. It is situated along Arcadia beach.

5. Club Assol
This club resembles a large ship and it is open 24/7. It is the best club for you to meet Ukrainian woman and enjoy European cuisine. The nightclub offers a host of entertainment activities ranging from live performances to men’s and women’s striptease. It is also located in Arcadia beach.

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