Where to Meet Cali Women - Daytime

by Robert
(Los Angeles)

The Colombian city of Cali is home to some of the hottest women in the world. These gorgeous women are of different shapes, sizes and colors. Despite their differences, every Cali woman likes showing off her body. If you are an average looking guy who wants to meet such beautiful Cali women, then you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that it is not hard to locate them. Whether you are looking to friendship or a potential marriage partner, meeting women in Cali is not hard, especially if you know where to look.

Where to Find Cali Women during the Day

Chipichape Mall is a large center that is ideal for hanging out and meeting women in the city of Cali. Another place where you can find girls is the Juan Valdez Cafe, which is located near Bourbon Street. This is somewhat the hangout for the middle class and some of the most beautiful girls in Cali can be found here. Chat up women at adjacent tables, and ask them about anything you are comfortable talking about at this stage.

It is also common to see cute girls strolling on the streets of Cali either in pairs or groups. These women are not hard to approach, especially if you speak a little Spanish. Cali City is certainly not for every other guy. So if you know your way around girls and have money, you will have a great time with local girls.

Important Tips

When you finally arrive in Cali, don’t wear shorts. More often than not, everybody wears jeans. So if you go in shorts, you will simply look out of place.

Learn some Spanish to lure any Cali women you come across and would like to meet. She will most likely feel more comfortable around you if know a little of her language.

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