Where to Meet Medellin Women - Daytime

by Robert
(Los Angeles)

The Best Place to Meet Medellin Women (Daytime) would probably be on the street. This may sound unorthodox or rather, 'shoot in the dark' manner of approach, but you need to remember that the weather in Medellin is absolutely beautiful. Which means plenty of very tanned and exceptionally beautiful women are out to enjoy the city, sights and great weather.

The other thing you need to remember is that as a foreigner, your chances of getting a date here are very high. That is, if you dress the part, of course. Medellin women, and Colombian women in general take great pride in their beauty. This means they will not leave their homes unless they are dressed well and all made up. What they use as a gauge for men is their sense of style. You need to dress well and be well groomed. This, of course, go for most of the world's women, but Medellin, Colombia, more so.

In Medellin, the coffee shops, restaurants and street festivals are packed with amazingly beautiful girls who are willing to show you around and even join you for a drink or a meal. The best part about this approach is that you will meet much nicer girls than you would normally meet in the night clubs.

Simply take a casual stroll around the city, visit the sites, frequent the high end coffee shops and restaurants, attend all street festivals and walk through the markets. You will find that a simple inquiry about directions or recommendation about the best places to eat can land you a date with an exotically beautiful Medellin woman. Provided you are polite and not arrogant.

The city itself works in your favor. It is well spaced, has beautiful building and parks, and many sculptures and monuments strewn throughout the city. You will often find women admiring these sculptures or simply getting their photos taken with them. These are great spots to meet Medellin women and additionally, they offer great conversation starters.

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